red-rooster-coffee-roasterRed Rooster roasts only the highest quality organic coffee from around the world and packages it in our unique hand-printed bags. Every 12oz bag of Red Rooster Coffee is hand stamped with the Roasted On date as well as the Batch # to make certain our quality and freshness are unparalleled. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality coffee while providing for the farmers who grow it. Purchasing organic coffees assures that farmers, their children, and the watersheds they drink from and plant crops on are kept free of dangerous pesticides.

We also purchase Fair Trade coffee, Rain Forest Alliance coffee, Smithsonian Bird Friendly coffee, Cup of Excellence coffee, and direct relationship coffee whenever possible. As we grow, our goal is to begin directly purchasing coffee directly from farmers in order to ensure that they are paid an equitable amount for their product while encouraging and enabling higher quality coffee and transparent relationships between customers and farmers.

While our mission begins with social conscience, our ultimate goal is to roast the highest quality coffee for our customers. After sample roasting and cupping, every coffee is roasted to a unique profile to ensure the maximum amount of flavor, complexity, aroma, and most importantly, the sugary sweetness that is the hallmark of Red Rooster coffee.




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